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Script for building an online multi language jewelry store where customers can choose a category and purchase products online
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12 January 2014

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Jewels and ornaments have always attracted humans especially the fairer sex over the ages. Few decades back when someone wanted to buy a specific item he would have to visit a jeweler, at times many, to purchase his product of choice. However with the Internet becoming a part of our lives, we purchase ornaments right at the click of a mouse. Now if you are small Jewelry store owner and are looking to expand your business by getting online then the ICJewelry 1.1 would make sense from you. It would save you considerable time and money which you would have otherwise spent on creating your custom site and further offers you a whole set of innovative features that would help showcase your collection in an apt manner.

The ICJewelry 1.1 script is besotted with a powerful admin panel that allows the webmaster to customize the website as per his or her choice. It gives you the option to create both dynamic product pages and static content pages. Using the global site settings the administrator can quickly include his PayPal details and thus activate the shopping cart. Other elements that you can define here include delivery charges and site URL amongst others. Moving ahead, the script gives you the flexibility to add a gallery to showcase your best offerings besides giving you the option to create different categories of products. Also picture galleries for interior pages are also available which can run on subcategories. Incidentally uploading products and managing orders is quite easy with this potent tool. The script also allows you to create user accounts and given them specific access rights.

Based on our experience of running the ICJewelry 1.1 script, we can safely mark it with an appreciable score of 4 rating stars owing to its well thought out features such a potent category manager and a robust shopping cart.

Publisher's description

ICJewelry is a script for building an online multi language jewelry store where customers can choose a category and purchase products online. Customers can add items to shopping cart and view cart content. Payments are done by paypal, other payment gateways can be integrated. Site administrator can view and manage products and orders.
Administrator Panel
- Site Settings - Administrator can define general variables that are used on the site such as admin email address, site url, paypal email, delivery cost.
- Static Pages - Site administrator can add pages on the site and edit the pages content.
Account Manager
- Admins - Manage users with admin permissions.
Jewelry Manager
- Info - Define main information and store location.
- Gallery - Image gallery of jewelry store.
- Orders - Administrator can view all orders with order details and order status.
Category Manager
- Categories - Administrator can define categories and category images on the site.
- Sub Categories - Administrator can define sub categories of each category and upload an image for each sub category.
- Products - Administrator can manage products, upload product images and define product description.
- Constants - Administrator can define text for each word in each language on the site.
Main Features:
Jewelry store
Option to order jewelry products .
Interior pictures gallery.
Admin panel to manage products, orders, gallery, content of home page and other pages(CMS)
Version 1.1
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